The SOSP mentoring scheme is designed to give student attendees a chance to get to know a few other people at the conference, and a chance to receive feedback on their research and other advice from a senior member of the community.

We will match PhD students to faculty members, postdoctoral research associates, and researchers in their research area of interest.

The mentors will be responsible for meeting with their mentees before the conference in a small group (2–3 mentees and the mentor) via Zoom or another video conferencing system, and may follow up with another check-in meeting during the conference.

We are very grateful for your help in contributing to make SOSP an inclusive and welcoming community.

Sign Up (deadline October 15th):

Please contact the mentorship organizers (Natacha Crooks, Stella Bitchebe, Pedro Henrique Penna, Deepti Raghavan) with any questions. The deadline for signing up is October 15th. We expect to email mentors and mentees with their match(es) a few days before the conference.